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Since you are reading this blog post I assume that you are interested in making your work environment more eco-friendly. You are on the right track!

A sustainable or environmentally friendly office is also an employee-friendly office, and let’s face it, people are the company’s most valuable assets. In addition to creating an attractive working environment for employees, an eco-friendly office offers other benefits including saving on costs and resources, moving one step closer to climate neutrality, and it is beneficial to the company’s image.

You can start with small and simple steps, regardless of whether you are a manager or a subordinate in the company.

1. Virtual meetings & home office

Opt for virtual meetings instead of long-haul flights. According to this study, the ecological footprint of a single passenger on a long-haul flight is the same as that of a driver for two months.

In addition to natural resources, meeting software also saves one of today’s most valued resources – time. Solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams help you arrange meetings with your head office in Sweden as well as with a business partner in Australia!

Less frequent commuting and a greater opportunity to work from the home office also help to reduce the ecological footprint of employees and thus the entire company. If the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 taught us something, it is that virtual meetings ARE PRODUCTIVE and working from a home office IS POSSIBLE in many areas.

Virtual meetings & home office

2. Make your office literally green

Bring the plants to the office! Besides making the office pleasantly green and creating a cosy interior, the plants produce oxygen and purify air.

However, if your office has a large terrace or roof, you may want to consider keeping bees in the city, which is becoming increasingly popular. Keeping bees is one way of preserving biodiversity in the city, as it supports not only bees but also the spread of flora. You have to take into account that bees fly up to 3 km distance, i.e. there must be pollinating plants within that radius. You can also add plants that are suitable for bees on your roof terrace!
City bees

3. Use CompAct

In fact, there are many small changes in behaviour that can be made daily to help to save the environment, and it is hard to summarize them in one blog post.

These are the kind of small tips that CompAct chatbot shares with you daily.

Nevertheless, to keep you motivated and help you to act, the chatbot also gives tasks and sets up challenges so that the recommendations do not remain purely theoretical.

Let’s take small steps together for a big goal!

If you are interested and want to know more about CompAct, write to us at [email protected] 😉

To be continued…