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Helping companies act, sustainably

Your virtual mentor toward sustainability

“I’m starting a relationship

with this chatbot”

“The chatbot operates on Teams, which is the platform that we use every day in Swedbank. I’m starting a relationship with this chatbot, to be honest. He’s there whenever I need him, asking questions, making me curious and wanting to know more. I love it!”

-Remy Salters, Head of Finance Division at Swedbank Lithuania

Attract talent and partners

As a responsible company you will attract new talent and partners

Be the lead and boost your incomes

Being the lead in sustainability you will encourage your employees to be innovative and create new products & services

Reduce risks

Reduce risks and taxes coming from the EU Green Deal and EU taxonomy

Save money & resources

By changing the habits of your employees you will save on electricity, consumables, etc.

Chat with your

virtual mentor

Tips and tricks for a sustainable lifestyle

Individual and team challenges

Increased motivation and productivity

Track progress

Compete with teammates

Win prizes

Save the planet

Good health and well-being: We promote a healthy lifestyle and a good work-life balance.

Sustainable cities and communities: We draw people’s attention to the environmental impact of cities, air quality, and waste management.

Responsible consumption and production: We promote sustainable consumption, production, and fair trade. We draw people’s attention to food waste and promote the reduction of waste through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse.

Climate action: We raise awareness on climate change and its impacts. Every small action and contribution on climate change matters.

Life below water: We increase knowledge about sustainable management and protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

Life on land: We promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainable management of forests, and raise awareness on biodiversity loss.

People say about CompAct

Yrjö OjasaarChange Ventures

CompAct really impressed the jury with their rapid progress during the NGAL program. In a short amount of time they refined their value proposition and validated market interest with signed LOI’s. A very impressive team that was highly coachable, practical, and dynamic.

Tõnis MeristeEesti Energia AS

The idea of CompAct is something that we see great potential in bringing about necessary societal changes. The solution of CompAct can reduce the time and human resource necessary for developing resource-efficient and environmentally friendly habits, speeding up processes in both companies and public institutions.

Getlyn DenksMinistry of the Environment of Estonia

The CompAct service is a great possibility for understanding and creating added value in companies and institutions, both in the economic and environmental spheres, thus raising environmental awareness of institutions and companies.

Leelo KukkEstonian Environmental Board

The Environmental Board shall support the project that develops a virtual assistant for companies and institutions, including schools, that would be able to help them save resources and costs. CompAct makes it easy to behave in an environmentally friendly way by sending small remainders and setting tasks that can be solved both individually and in teams.

Kaupo HeinmaMinistry of the Environment of Estonia

We see the CompAct solution being able to contribute to the wider spread of circular economy principles in Estonia. CompAct can help turn environmentally friendly choices into habits by providing information on the environmental impact of each activity.

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